ZDAZBGY Zellij Bars 2x6 Grey
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Zellij Bars Grey 2x6
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ZDAZBCT Zellij Bars 2x6 Cobalt room scene
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ZDAZBGE Zellij Bars 2x6 Graphite
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ZDAZBNE Zellij Bars 2x6 Nude
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Zellij Bar Pencil Bullnose
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Zellij Bars- In stock!

Zellij Bars are charming replications of authentic Moroccan handmade tiles. This 2"x 6" ceramic wall tile is a perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, shower walls and many other dry and wet wall applications. Manufactured in Spain for Z Collection. Locally stocked in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.


White ZDAZBWE/26



Graphite ZDAZBGE/26

Cobalt ZDAZBCT/26


2 x 6 Non-rectified wall tile ZDAZB__/26

1/2 x 6 Pencil bullnose ZDAZB__/PB16

Technical Information:

Just like the real Zellige!

This collection imitates traditional hand made tiles. Dimensional differences between pieces, surface undulations, variable lengths and widths are the part of the design aesthetic. 
It is advised to avoid spacers during installation and eyeball the desired grout joint just like the real Zellige. This will make your installation look authentic.  Expect color variation between pieces. Mix from different boxes and dry lay before installation. Sold in full box quantities.

Which spelling is correct?

Due to the lack of certain letters in the Latin alphabet, the word Zellige has been spelled in many ways. Many describe "Zellige" as the original method of tile making and "Zellij" is the Z Collection brand of handmade look ceramic wall tile.


Zellij Bar 2x6 White Gloss


Zellij Bar 2x6 Grey Gloss


Zellij Bar 2x6 Cobalt Gloss


Zellij Bar 2x6 Graphite Gloss


Zellij Bar 2x6 Nude Gloss