Z Collection provides the charms that transform a space into the luxurious reflection of personality


We are inspired by the works of designers and dreamers the world over. 

With the simple concept of bringing to market the coolest, trendiest, most delicious marbles, limestones, mosaics, travertines, porcelains, ceramics and glass, Z Collection partners with quarries and factories throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North-Africa and the Americas to bring unique, special products to market. 


Our customers are large regional/national distributors of premium luxury tile throughout the United States and Canada and dealers throughout Oregon and Washington.


Z Collection started in late 2011 as a wholesaler of premium natural stone. We've added strong manufacturing partners along the way - strengthening and streamlining our manufacturing capabilities. In 2015, we introduced Z Collection which developed into our primary marketing brand uniting all of our product offerings under one product line. Z Collection is currently distributed in Oregon and Washington through our distribution centers in Portland and Seattle.