Vintage Deco by Mariner

Vintage Deco features a rich tapestry of designs selected from  historic Moroccan, Eastern European, and Italian ceramic tile motifs.

Colors / Patterns:

Decoro 4 MRVD/88D4 

Decoro 5 MRVD/88D5

Decoro 7 MRVD/88D7 

Decoro 15 MRVD/88D15

Decoro 16 MRVD/88D16

Avio (Blue) Field MRVDAO

Bianco (White) Field MRVDBO

Verde Field (Green) MRVDVE 


8 x 8 Non-rectified Decoro MRVD/88D__

8 x 8 Non-rectified Field MRVD__/88

2 1/2 x 8 Field Bullnose MRVD__/SBN