Pure Linen
Pure Linen
Fresh Thyme
First Snow
Fresh Snow

T-Square by Sartoria

T-Square offers a zellige look wall tile with a coordinating porcelain floor option. The wall tile is reminiscent of the classic handcrafted tiles from Morocco. The graphic on the coordinating porcelain is a mix of cement and metal, including some images that show the shadow of the mesh left on the surface of cement made the traditional Italian way.


First Snow (Wall) SATSFS

Fresh Thyme (Wall) SATSFT

Half Moon (Wall) SATSHM

Mint Tea (Wall) SATSMT

Pure Linen (Wall) SATSPL

Moss (Porcelain) SATSMS

Blanc (Porcelain) SATSBC


6 x 6 Non-rectified Wall Tile SATS__/66*

1/2 x 12 Pencil for Wall Tile SATS__/SBN

8 x 8 Non-rectified Porcelain Floor Tile SATS__/88

2 x 8 Porcelain Surface Bullnose SATS__/SBN

* Please note this line is sold in full carton quantity only.


First Snow 6X6.jpg

First Snow

Fresh Thyme 6X6.jpg

Fresh Thyme

Half Moon 6X6.jpg

Half Moon

Mint Tea 6X6.jpg

Mint Tea

Pure Linen 6X6.jpg

Pure Linen

Blanc 8X8.jpg


Moss 8X8.jpg