Stonecloud Blue & Ivory
Stonecloud Blue & Ivory
Stonecloud Grey Embossed
Stonecloud Dark Grey + Grey Embossed
Stonecloud Dark Grey
Stonecloud Grey Embossed
Stonecloud Ivory
Stonecloud Ivory
Stonecloud Ivory Natural + Embossed
Stonecloud Blue + Ivory
Stonecloud White
Stonecloud Frame Hex Blend 2
Stonecloud Frame Hex Blend 1
Stonecloud 2x2 Mosaic Blue Natural
Stonecloud 2x2 Mosaic Dark Natural
Stonecloud 2x2 Mosaic Grey Natural
Stonecloud 2x2 Mosaic Ivory Natural
Stonecloud 2x2 Mosaic White Natural

Stonecloud by Marca Corona

Stonecloud is inspired by volcanic lava stone with subtle graphic shading and small mineral spots. This series has two finishes: natural and embossed, a delicate raised linear structure.


Blue Natural MCSDBEN

Blue Embossed MCSDBEE

Dark Natural MCSDDKN

Dark Embossed MCSDDKE

Grey Natural MCSDGYN

Grey Embossed MCSDGYE

Ivory Natural MCSDIYN

Ivory Embossed MCSDIYE

White Natural MCSDWEN

White Embossed MCSDWEE


12 x 24 Rectified MCSD___/1224*

24 x 48 Natural Rectified MCSD__N/2448*

2 x 2 Mosaic Natural MCSD__N/22

Framed Hex Blend Mosaic MCSDB_N/FHX*

3 x 24 Bullnose Natural MCSD__N/SBN

* Please note the 24 x 48 is only available in Dark, Grey, and White Natural Finish. The Framed Hex Blend is only available in Ivory/White Blend and Dark/Grey Blend. Embossed Finish is only available in the

12 x 24 Field


Stonecloud 12x24 Blue Natural.jpg


Stonecloud 12x24 Dark Natural.jpg

Dark Grey

Stonecloud 12x24 Grey Natural.jpg


Stonecloud 12x24 Ivory Natural.jpg


Stonecloud 12x24 White Natural.jpg