Raku by Naxos

Raku mimics the random irregularities created in the refractory clay used by ceramic artists. The effect of the muted matte base and contrasting reflective lustre glazes results in a collection of unique but coordinating wall tiles.

Colors / Formats:

10 x 24 Black Clay NSRUBC/1024

10 x 24 Sulphate NSRUSE/1024

10 x 24 Silvery NSRUSY/1024

10 x 24 Chic Black Clay NSRUBC1024C

10 x 24 Chic Silvery NSRUSY/1024C

10 x 24 Symbol Turquoise NSRUTE/1024S

1/2 x 10 Miter Bullnose Black Clay NSRUBC/MBN

1/2 x 10 Miter Bullnose Sulphate NSRUSE/MBN

1/2 x 10 Miter Bullnose Silvery NSRUSY/MBN