• Lisa Rattan

Tile PK - Re-Micron by Imola

Re-Micron by Imola is a versatile through body porcelain stoneware line composed of seven colors in two finishes - natural and polished. Subtle variation in the pigments of the clay gives each color a minimalist movement and a softness to the overall look.

While rated for commercial projects, Re-Micron is just as well adapted to high end residential and with it's range of warm to cool and light to dark colors, it's one of our go to lines to coordinate with other collections.

A basic natural finish 2x2 mosaic is available in all colors and a design forward piano mosaic composed of polished, natural, and bush hammered finishes is available in three colorways - white, cool, and warm.

Presented by Zee Coleman - Founder + CEO of Z Collection.

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