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Meet the Z Team - Kyle

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Meet Team Z: Kyle Brown edition!

Kyle is our General Manager and resident Renaissance guy who not only wears many hats, he also draws them too.

In his words: “The two most important facts about me:

1. Nothing means more to me than my wife and two daughters.

2. I'm madly in love with art and I'm completely obsessed with creating it.

I've been with Z Collection for 3 years but I've been in the game since 2007, *back when the word "quarter round" actually meant something! I earned my stripes on the tile showroom floor in San Jose, CA and worked my way up, literally, to Portland, Oregon.

Art permeates every aspect of my life to the point where it gets just downright absurd. Everyday, I get to sell beautiful tile that accentuates people's living spaces, but then I get to go home where I'm a musician and part-time children's book illustrator, my wife is an amazing artist, my eldest daughter goes to an art academy, and my youngest and I create our cartoons at home in our spare time. Oh, and my cat has mastered the art of being a total butthead. I'm very grateful for live the life I lead.”

We appreciate that Kyle brings positivity to everything he does!

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