Patterned Tiles

Deco Anthology
Etnic Light Blue 8x8 porcelain deco for floor and walls. Made in Italy.
Design Evo
Design Evo emulates the worn look of traditional Italian cementine encaustic tile.
Kiko is a textile look wall tile. Each color has nine different but similar textures that are taken from four fabrics: linen, silk, cotton and hemp.
London combines traditional charm and contemporary mod geometry to create a timeless decorative concrete tile look.
Maiolica takes inspiration from the artisanal pottery that Marca Corona made when the company was founded in 1741.
Maison is a traditional crackle glaze wall tile available in two field sizes and two relief patterns: Marais and Pigalle.
Marks recreates a floor that has been aged and weathered over time. The textured surface reveals peeling paint and traces of past traffic.
Neocim is a collection that updates the encaustic tile look with crisp lines and a modern palette.
Palazzo is inspired by the terrazzo floors found in the palaces of Italy.
Raku mimics the random irregularities created in the refractory clay used by ceramic artists. The effect of the muted matte base and contrasting reflective lustre glazes results in a collection of unique but coordinating wall tiles.
Retro adapts vintage patterns to create a unique weathered deco and field collection.
Vintage Deco-NEW!
Vintage Deco features a rich tapestry of designs selected from historic Moroccan, Eastern European, and Italian ceramic tile motifs.
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