Blend 51 Warm Bronze Gold
Blend 52 Cool Pewter
Blend 53 Dark Steel
Blend 1 - Warm Bronze
Blend 2 - Cool Pewter

Metallic Glass by Vetrissimo

Metallic Glass tiles have different glaze effects like small abrasions and speckling that combine to create elegant blends. 

Colors Formats:

Blend 1 (Warm) Metallic Glass Sticks VOMGB1/SS

Blend 2 (Cool) Metallic Glass Sticks VOMGB2/SS

Blend 51 (Warm Bronze / Gold) Piano VOMGB51/MP

Blend 52 (Cool Metallic) Piano VOMGB52/MP

Blend 53 (Dark Steel) Piano VOMGB53/MP