Marks by Elios

Marks recreates a floor that has been aged and weathered over time.  The textured surface reveals peeling paint and traces of past traffic.


Gunmetal (Grey with Rust) ESMSGL

Plaster (White / Light Grey) ESMSPR


6 x 33 Non-rectified ESMS__/633

6 x 33 Maori Deco ESMS__/633M

2.5 x 33 Surface Bullnose ESMS__/SBN

* Please note the colors Lead and Military Green are being phased out and will be discontinued once stock is depleted. 


Marks Gunmetal

Gunmetal with Maori Deco

Marks Lead

Lead with Maori Deco

Marks Military Green

Military Green with Maori Deco

Marks Plaster

Plaster with Maori Deco

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