Lemmy by Mirage

Lemmy replicates the look of aged sheet metal. The surface is characterized by the contrast of the original metallic gleam and the opaque marks typical of oxidization.


Palladium (White) MELY01 

Nimbus (Light Grey) MELY02 

Venom (Black) MELY04 

Afterglow (Ivory) MELY05 

Viridium (Green) MELY06  

Indio (Blue) MELY07


12 x 24 Rectified MELY__/1224

Quilt Mosaic MELY__/QM

3 x 24 Surface Bullnose MELY__/SBN


Lemmy 12x24 01 Palladium

01 Palladium

Lemmy 12x24 02 Nimbus

02 Nimbus

Lemmy 12x24 04 Venom

04 Venom

Lemmy 12x24 06 Viridium

06 Viridium

Lemmy 12x24 07 Indio

07 Indio

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