Impressions Rock
Impressions Rock
Impressions Rock
Impressions Rock

Impressions by Grazia

Impressions is a large format plank wall tile with a handcrafted look and crackle finish.


White GAIM100

Almond GAIM200

Cappuccino GAIM300

Coffee GAIM400

Fog GAIM500

Rock GAIM600


5 1/2 x 22 Non-rectified Plain Field GAIM__/622

5 1/2 x 22 Non-rectified Bamboo Field GAIM__/622B

1/2 x 11 Surface Bullnose GAIM__/111SBN

11" Quarter Round GAIM__/A111

Beak GAIM__/AC111

2 x 11 Toro GAIM__/211TO

Ang. Toro GAIM__/22TOA

* Please note the colors Cappuccino and Coffee are being phased out and will be discontinued once stock is depleted. The PDF does not yet reflect this change.

Colors / Structures

Almond 5.5x22.jpg

Almond Plain

Almond Bamboo 5.5x22.jpg

Almond Bamboo

Fog 5.5x22.png

Fog Plain

Fog Bamboo 5.5x22.png

Fog Bamboo

Rock 5.5x22.png

Rock Plain

Rock Bamboo 5.5x22.png

Rock Bamboo

White 5.5x22.jpg

White Plain

White Bamboo 5.5x22.jpg

White Bamboo