Andromeda + Magellano
Galassie 2x2 Andromeda
Galassie 2x2 Bode
Galassie 2x2 Centauro
Galassie 2x2 Magellano

Galassie by View

Galassie is a minimal stone look with subtle movement and a versatile color palette.


Andromeda (Beige) VWGEAA

Bode (Light Grey) VWGEBE

Centauro (Black) VWGECO

Magellano (Medium Grey) VWGEMO


12 x 12 Non-rectified VWGE__/1212

12 x 24 Non-rectified VWGE__/1224

2 x 2 Mosaic VWGE__/22

3 x 12 Surface Bullnose VWGE__/SBN

3 x 24 Surface Bullnose VWGE__/SBN324

12" Quarter Round VWGE__/A112

Beak VWGE__/AC112

6 x 12 Cove Base VWGE__/CE612

Outside Cove Corner VWGE__/CEC612


* Please note that due to changes in the production, the 12 x 24 format is now slightly larger and thicker than before. Previously the 12 x 24 was 9.2 mm thick while the 12 x 12 was 8.5 mm, but all new productions of 12 x 24  are 10mm thick & 12 x 12 is 8mm thick. The larger size in the 12 x 24 means that it is no longer modular with the 12 x 12 size as well as being thicker than the 12 x 12.

* Please note 12 x 12, 24 x 24, and the

3 x 12 SBN are being phased out and will be discontinued once stock is depleted. 



Andromeda (Beige)


Bode (Light Grey)


Centauro (Black)


Magellano (Medium Grey)