Fairy White
Oyster Shade
Oyster Shade
Oyster Shade
Fairy White 4" Hex
Magic White 4" Hex
Exalt 2x2 Fairy White
Exalt 2x2 Magic White
Exalt 2x2 Oyster Shade
Exalt 2x2 Silver Light

Exalt by Cerim

Exalt is a curated collection that embodies the elegance of the finest marble and onyx.

Colors / Finishes:

Fairy White Natural CMETFWN

Fairy White Lucido CMETFWL

Magic White Natural CMETMWN

Magic White Lucido CMETMWL

Oyster Shade Natural CMETOSN

Oyster Shade Lucido CMETOSL

Silver Light Natural CMETSLN

Silver Light Lucido CMETSLL


12 x 24 Rectified CMET___/1224

2 x 24 Surface Bullnose CMET___/SBN224

2 x 2 Natural Mosaic CMET__N/22

4" Hex Natural Mosaic CMET__N/4HX*

* Please note the 4" Hex is only available in Fairy White and Magic White.


Fairy White.jpg

Fairy White

Magic White.jpg

Magic White

Oyster Shade.jpg

Oyster Shade

Silver Light.jpg

Silver Light