Dorset by View


Dorset utilizes a calming color palette and subtle fossil pattern to recreate the limestone found in Southern England.


Crema (Cream) VWDTCA

Ombra (Charcoal) VWDTOA

Perla (Light Grey) VWDTPE

Pietra (Medium Grey) VWDTPI

Sabbia (Beige) VWDTSA


12 x 24 Rectified VWDT__/1224

2 x 2 Mosaic VWDT__/22

3 x 24 Surface Bullnose VWDT__/SBN

* Please note the 24 x 24 Field, Quarter Round, and Beak are being phased out and will be discontinued once stock is depleted. 


Dorset Crema 12x24.jpg

Crema (Cream)

Dorset Ombra 12x24.jpg

Ombra (Charcoal)

Dorset Perla 12x24.jpg

Perla (Light Grey)

Dorset Pietra 12x24.jpg

Pietra (Medium Grey)

Dorset Sabbia 12x24.jpg

Sabbia (Beige)

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