Deluxe Hotel 2
Deluxe Hotel 3
Deluxe Hotel 4
Deluxe Restaurant 1
Deluxe Restaurant 2
Deluxe hexagon
Deluxe White
Deluxe White
Deluxe 3X12 Polished
Deluxe 3X12 Polished
Deluxe Polished 3x12
Deluxe Polished 3x12
Deluxe White 3x12
Deluxe Herringbone White
Deluxe Basketweave White
Deluxe 2x2 White
Deluxe 4" Hex White

Deluxe by Marca Corona

Deluxe is an elegant Italian white marble look in polished and natural finishes which is available in a wide range of size and mosaic options.

Color / Finishes:

White Natural MCDEWE

White Polished MCDEWEP


3 x 12 Rectified MCDE__/312

12 x 24 Rectified MCDE__/1224

24 x 48 Rectified MCDE__/2448*

2 x 2 Mosaic Natural MCDEWE/22

4" Hex Mosaic Natural MCDEWE/4HX

Basketweave Natural MCDEWE/BW

Herringbone Natural MCDEWE/HB

4 x 24 Surface Bullnose MCDE__/SBN

12" Quarter Round MCDE__/A112

Beak MCDE__/AC112

* Please note the 24 x 48 format is sold in full carton quantity only


Deluxe White.jpg