Deco Anthology by Elios

Deco Anthology utilizes a black and white palette in tandem with softer hues to create an updated classic collection of encaustic looks.

Colors / Patterns:

Etnic Black & White B ESDAEC/88BWB

Etnic Light Blue B ESDAEC/88LBB

Etnic Nero C ESDAEC/88NC

Nordic A ESDANC/88A

Nordic C ESDANC/88C

Original Grigio B ESDAOL/88GB

Original Grigio C ESDAOL/88GC

Original Grigio D ESDAOL/88GD

Original Light Blue B ESDAOL/88LBB

Original Taupe C ESDAOL/88TC

White Field ESDAWE/88


8 x 8 Deco and Field ESDA__/88__

3 x 8 White Surface Bullnose ESDAWE/SBN

Colors / Patterns

Etnic Black & White B.jpg

Etnic Black & White B

Etnic Light Blue B.jpg

Etnic Light Blue B

Etnic Black & White C.jpg

Etnic Nero C

Nordic A.jpg

Nordic A

Nordic C.jpg

Nordic C

Original Black & White B.jpg

Original Grigio B

Original Grigio C.jpg

Original Grigio C

Original Grigio D.jpg

Original Grigio D

Original Light Blue B.jpg

Original Light Blue B

Original Taupe C.jpg

Original Taupe C

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