Castle Stone by Elios

Castle Stone recreates the look of stone floors in ancient castles. The multi-size pattern, soft surface texture, and slightly irregular chiseled edges evoke the patina of floors that have been walked on for centuries. This line is sold in full box quantities in the modular pattern only; each box has 8.02 square feel and includes one 16 x 24, one 8 x 16, two 16 x 16s, and two

8 x 8s.



Chillon (Cream) ESCSCN

Howard (Beige) ESCSHD

Kilkenny (Light Grey) ESCSKY

Saint Michel (Medium Grey) ESCSSM


Modular Pattern Non-Rectified ESCS__/MP

2 1/2 x 24 Surface Bullnose ESCS__/SBN


Castle Stone MP Chillon.jpg

Chillon (Cream)

Castle Stone MP Howard.jpg

Howard (Beige)

Castle Stone MP Kilkenny.jpg

Kilkenny (Light Grey)

Castle Stone MP Saint Michel.jpg

Saint Michel (Medium Grey)

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