C-Mine Argento Grey
C-Mine Grey Beige
C-Mine Grey Beige
C-Mine Grigio
C-Mine Grigio
C-Mine Nero
C-Mine Nero
C-Mine Nero
C-Mine Intreccio Mosaic Argento
C-Mine Intreccio Mosaic Grey Beige
C-Mine Intreccio Mosaic Grigio
C-Mine Intreccio Mosaic Nero

C-Mine by Leonardo

C-Mine is an innovative combination of concrete, stone, and metal. The scratches and markings on the surface provide a time worn industrial character.



Argento Grey (Light Grey) LOCMAG

Grey/Beige LOCMGB

Grigio (Medium Grey) LOCMGO

Nero (Black) LOCMNO


12 x 24 Rectified LOCM__/1224

Intreccio Mosaic LOCM__/IM

2 1/2 x 24 Bullnose LOCM__/SBN


C-Mine Argento Grey.jpg

Argento Grey (Light Grey)

C-Mine Grey Beige.jpg


C-Mine Grigio.jpg

Grigio (Medium Grey)

C-Mine Nero.jpg

Nero (Black)