Bloc White
Bloc Flint Glossy + Matte

Bloc by Lanka

Bloc is a contemporary large format wall tile with a neutral earth tone palette. Each color is available in gloss and matte finishes.

Colors / Finishes:

White Glossy LABC101G

White Matte LABC101M

Alabaster Glossy LABC104G

Alabaster Matte LABC104M

Fog Glossy LABC205G

Fog Matte LABC205M

Flint Glossy LABC301G

Flint MatteLABC301M

Moss Glossy LABC313G

Moss Matte LABC313M


8 x 16 Non-rectified Field LABC___/816

4 x 16 Non-rectified Field LABC___/416

6 x 24 Rectified LABC101_/624*

12 x 24 Rectified LABC101_/1224*

2 x 8 Single Bullnose LABC___/S4289*

2 x 2 Double Bullnose LABC__/SN4289*

8" Quarter Round LABC___/A108*

1" Beak LABC___/AC108

1/2 x 12" Pencil Bullnose LABC101_/PB112* 

12" Quarter Round LABC101_/A112*

* Please note the 6 x 24, 12 x 24, 12" Pencil Bullnose, and 12" Quarter Round are only available in White Glossy and White Matte.

* Please note the 2 x 8 SBN, 2 x 2 DBN, and 8" Quarter Round are only available in Alabaster, Fog, Flint, and Moss Glossy and Matte.


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Bloc Flint.jpg


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Bloc White 1.jpg