Bloc by Lanka

Bloc is a contemporary large format wall tile with a neutral earth tone palette. Each color is available in gloss and matte finishes.

Colors / Finishes:

White Glossy LABC101G

White Matte LABC101M

Alabaster Glossy LABC104G

Alabaster Matte LABC104M

Fog Glossy LABC205G

Fog Matte LABC205M

Flint Glossy LABC301G

Flint MatteLABC301M

Moss Glossy LABC313G

Moss Matte LABC313M


8 x 16 Non-rectified Field LABC___/816

4 x 16 Non-rectified Field LABC___/416

6 x 24 Rectified LABC101_/624*

12 x 24 Rectified LABC101_/1224*

2 x 8 Single Bullnose LABC___/S4289*

2 x 2 Double Bullnose LABC__/SN4289*

8" Quarter Round LABC___/A108*

1" Beak LABC___/AC108

1/2 x 12" Pencil Bullnose LABC101_/PB112* 

12" Quarter Round LABC101_/A112*

* Please note the 6 x 24, 12 x 24, 12" Pencil Bullnose, and 12" Quarter Round are only available in White Glossy and White Matte.

* Please note the White Glossy and Matte

2 x 8 SBN, 2 x 2 DBN, and 8" Quarter Round are being phased out and will be discontinued once stock is depleted. The PDF does not yet reflect these changes.


Bloc Alabaster.jpg


Bloc Flint.jpg


Bloc Fog.jpg


Bloc Moss.jpg


Bloc White 1.jpg


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