Ardesie African Stone entry 1
Ardesie African Stone entry 2
Ardesie Black Reef living 2
Ardesie Island office 1
Ardesie Island office 2
Ardesie Shore bath 1
Ardesie Shore variation
Ardesie Island variation
Ardesie African Stone variation
Ardesie African Stone Rift Deco
Ardesie Black Reef variation

Ardesie by Mirage

Ardesie replicates the range of pattern and color found in African and Indian slates.


Shore (Beige) MEAD01

Island (Light Multicolor) MEAD02

African Stone (Dark Multicolor) MEAD03

Black Reef MEAD04


12 x 12 Rectified MEAD__/1212

12 x 24 Rectified MEAD__/1224

3 x 24 Surface Bullnose MEAD__/SBN

4 x 18 Rift Deco African Stone MEAD03/418R

*Please note the Island Rift Deco option is being phased out and will be discontinued once stock is depleted. 


Ardesie Shore 12x12.jpg

Shore (Beige)

Ardesie Island 12x12.jpg

Island (Light Multicolor)

Ardesie African Stone 12x12.jpg

African Stone (Dark Multicolor)

Ardesie Black Reef 12x12.jpg

Black Reef