Antica Freccia Mix
Antica Carrara White
Antica Grey Marble
Antica 6x24
Antica Carrara White
Antica Bardiglio Grigio
Antica Bardiglio Grigio
Antica Grey Marble
Antica Freccia Mosaic Mix
Bardiglio Grigio 3 Hex

Antica by Magica

Antica replicates three different marbles weathered by time that have been textured and etched, creating an antiqued effect. 


Bardiglio Grigio MAAABG

Carrara White MAAACW

Grey Marble MAAAGM


12 x 24 Rectified MAAA__/1224

6 x 24 Rectified MAAA__/624

3" Hexagon Mosaic MAAA__/3HX

Freccia Mosaic Mix MAAA/FA

3 x 24 Surface Bullnose MAAA__/SBN


Antica Bardiglio Grigio 12 x 24

Bardiglio Grigio

Antica Carrara White 12 x 24

Carrara White

Antica Grey Marble 12 x 24

Grey Marble